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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

End Of April - The "Crazy" Of Final Exam

As salam....
thank you all willing to stop for a moment here..
This entry was probably quite simple but very big impact on me...
you all might have been able to anticipate what I am trying to convey..
This semester is also a big challenge not only the subjects are somewhat difficult, 
but also the examination schedule is a bit out of sorts because there is 
not much gap between each subject..
what to do is study like a crazy about the subjects that are expected to kill..hahaha 

This is my examination schedule that is a little bit "crazy".. haahhaha...

 ok I think this is just for this entry
Please wait for the upcoming entry from me..

p/s :: Do not study at the last moment..  burn the midnight oil..
(O.o)Farhan Yusoff 

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