Penyokong Setia


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hidden "Strength"

we still live in the way Allah is blessing
very lucky those who practice Islam as a way of life 
because Islam is complete as our way of life

the past few days I feel "called" to browse on YouTube
  I searched Aiman ​​Azlan, Malaysian known Vlogger who inspire 
his followers by very nice short videos
one of his videos that made ​​me think, "am I able to be as strong as he is?" 
is entitled "Ramadhan"

absolutely correct, 
if we stick to our religion, we could have the "strength" that we may not be able to get as people who do not stick to religion as a way of life

p/s : please turn the sound off at the bottom of this blog for to enjoy this video :)


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